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In a short span of 4 plus years, WebXpress has acquired significant customer base. We have a diversified set of customers from Industry Leaders to Emerging Players. The range of our customers is a testimony to versatility of WebXpress solutions.

Our customers belong to both categories:

  • Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Logistics Services Users (LSUs)

  • WebXpress solutions are used by over 3000 users forming a strong community of WebXpress knowledgeable workers. We believe in learning from our customers and we have added over 5000 documented suggestions to improve various features of WebXpress.

    We work very closely with our customers to ensure timely implementation and customization of WebXpress where required. We guide our customers as to the best way for their organization to implement WebXpress.

    Over 70% of customer base is through references and that is the testimony to service levels and involvement with customers.

    Why WebXpress?

    WebXpress Works
    WebXpress is used by over 3000 users across 1200 offices in India. Thus, customers see WebXpress as a proven and ready-to-use solution.

    WebXpress pioneered shift towards web-based applications and has proven that it is possible to run enterprise wide application in India on Internet.

    WebXpress is more business, less technology
    Our approach to technology is pragmatic. We are the first one to adopt new technology, be it web, AJAX, mobile applications, EDI or GPS.

    But our primary focus is impact of any technology on business. We also evaluate ground realities- people availability, training, infrastructure- before we recommend a technology to our customers.

    Business Continuity
    In ever shifting sands of IT industry, WebXpress offers an oasis of growth with stability. Our focus on logistics and supply chain vertical has helped us gain significant domain expertise.

    Our strong customer base, line up of products and strong growth of logistics industry assure our potential customers and partners of business continuity.

    The Feedback Loop
    We have established an Online Feedback management system to "listen" to our customers. WebXpress is enriched by over 5000 suggestions by customers.

    This has ensured a product that reflects "Industry Standard Practices"

    A complete solution
    WebXpress is at the heart of your technology infrastructure. At the same time we recognize the need to enhance value of your investment with complimentary technology solutions.

    We also understand need of our customers to work with a few, reliable and proven vendors. We have thus forged partnership with experts in fields such as web hosting, networks, GPS, EDI etc.

    WebXpress integrates various technology components and also acts as a single point of contact for customers.

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