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Your business is pointing towards the sky. Leave the ground work to us.

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The KartTrack Benefits


Imagine if you could see the entire world through a window. Now apply this to your business, how much you could manage if everything could be seen together. So we fit it all into one window, your browser window.
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COD Remittance

Over 65% of deliveries in emerging markets (like India) are Cash on Delivery. The process of receiving the money is long and difficult. To solve this problem, the KartTrack COD API links and tracks all pending LSP payments reducing your income realisation TAT.

Buddies beyond backend

KartTrack comes bundled with a customer order tracking portal. Provide a direct link to your customers and you need no change in your commercial site. And since the portal comes with your branding, your customers are delivered a seamless experience alongside their products.
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Pay as you go

Don’t discount on technology — subscribe to it. With a simple registration process you get going in minutes and not days. KartTrack comes with a set of payment tires to fit the needs of every player whether small or big.

History on the Cloud

We save all your dockets on the cloud so you get back to them at any point of time. Your data is separate from your LSPs. However old they may be KartTrack will always keep them. And since they are on the Cloud, they are well protected.
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Features That Are Coming Soon

Bill Checker

Get expert audit with one click. KartTrack is from the house of WebXpress that has more than a decade of experience of routes, costs, and contracts. Simply upload your bill and we will tell you whether the LSP charges are accurate or not.
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LSP Selector

Wouldn’t it be great if you could select the best LSP for a job the same way your customers select you for the best deals. Just define the job and KartTrack will automatically suggest the LSP that will best execute your order, keeping service levels and costing in mind.
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