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WebXpress recognizes importance of Social Networks as much as it helps to manage Supply Chain Networks. Thus, WebXpress has established a strong presence across various leading social networks. You can find more information about WebXpress, about people behind WebXpress, our customers and products.


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Linkedin is arguable the most powerful and useful Corporate Communication tool of our times. Linkedin helps to link customers, vendors, employees, ex-employees in a web of connections.
WebXpress is present on linkedin in following ways:

GROUPS: WebXpress Professionals
WebXpress has established an official group to connect all users and experts of WebXpress. You can start a discussion on topic of your choice and get answers from WebXpress team. You can connect to other professionals using WebXpress.
The group is open to all- WebXpress users or otherwise- so do join the same at following link:
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WebXpress has created a Company Profile on WebXpress has shared information about its products and services. WebXpress regularly updates news about itself and customers in this space.
You can keep a track of WebXpress. Visit WebXpress Companies link and click on FOLLOW button on right corner.
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WebXpress on Slideshare
Slideshare is fast becoming a preferred platform to share presentations and documents. WebXpress has established a presence on Slideshare and posted more than 10 presentations about various products and services.
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WebXpress on Facebook
With over 600 mn users, Facebook is the biggest Social Network ever. WebXpress has presence on Facebook to engage with all stakeholders. You can watch WebXpress timeline, latest events, photographs and even videos.
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WebXpress on Twitter
WebXpress has an official Twitter Account. You can send a message using your mobile to our Twitter handle and we will respond to the same. You can express an opinion, point out issues, share leads for potential WebXpress prospect !!
Engage with us on Twitter@WebXpress_IN

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