How will Logistics Industry gain from Top Tech Trends of 2020

February 20, 2023

What does future hold? Start of new year is always special, and of a decade especially so. ZDNet has come up with Top 5 technologies to watch out for 2020. 

Our quick take for Logistics industry in Emerging markets on these trends:

5G: No impact till 2023-25 as networks are yet to roll-out, people are yet to buy 5G phones in a big way

AI and ML: Everyone loves to talk about AI and ML and many have done pilots. But it has been difficult to embed AI into day to day business processes. Companies will continue to experiment and change some processes. But mass adoption is some distance away

Security: Security and Data Privacy is surely on top of agenda as most customers now want to know how will you protect end consumer data. GDPR compliance sheets are now daily affair for any logistics company working with MNCs.

Multicloud: In a way, most companies end up using multiple cloud providers- it can be a combination from Azure, AWS, Google, IBM. But with more and more options such as, Salesforce Cloud, Oracle Cloud- multi-cloud will be a given. Governance across Cloud will be a big concern, especially for data security and privacy.

Overall- 2020 will continue march towards a Cloud centric, Opex based approach. Most start-ups now offer SaaS Only offerings- limiting innovation for companies who still want to stick to their individual applications.

One thing that will NOT change in 2020s- shortage of new tech talent.