September 2015- When Cloud Made India its Home

February 20, 2023

Microsoft commissioned its Cloud Data Centers in India at Mumbai, Pune and Chennai this month.

We will look back at this as The Inflection Point for Cloud in India in days and years to come.


  • This is a First in ANY developing nation- it is not easy to place a fail-proof, global sized facility in a place best known for its LACK of Infrastructure
  • We may have have Satya and Sunder at top- but these are hard nosed, opportunity sensing giants who do to cut anyone slack. This means they see a massive market and that\'s great news !!
  • This now means there are NO EXCUSES left-howsoever lame as they were- for Indian CIOs and Government of "Data Sovereignty" and "National Security"- they will be forced to adopt Cloud. 
  • Born In Cloud- we will have 400 mn plus young people adopting 4G Mobile Broadband phones in next 5 years. They will use ONLY Cloud Applications
  • Massive Forex Savings- In next 10 years we will easily save USD 30 bn of cloud revenue that would other wise got to Singapore /USA data centers. 

Amazon and IBM are soon likely to follow Microsoft and with that almost USD 2-3 bn of FDI will happen in Cloud.

Whether we can make Mobiles in India or not, the data we consume will surely be "Made in India" !!