The Indian Logistics Tech Bust

February 20, 2023

The tone has changed. Suddenly in last week, the ever excited ET has been printing bearish stories on E-commerce and start-ups in general.

We saw a slew of startups in logistics space with a promise to transform the way we ship, track, plan and store. 

But is it one more false dawn? Or this time it is for real and we will see ground level changes? Will start-ups be able to show patience to deal with notoriously tech-averse Transporters and Warehouse Providers?

Hyperlocal- a way to match local demand with locally available delivery capacity- has seen maximum investment and names such as Grofers, Peppertap, Localbanya are becoming household. The most visible (and burning max cash) are Food Ordering apps- the epitome of Hyperlocal. 

Interesting times ahead !! But with over 300 mn likely 4G users by 2017- we surely are up for more and more excitement in Hyperlocal space.

Or will this go the way of 3D televisions?