What will benefit logistics more: GST or Jio?

February 20, 2023

Reams are written about how Indian logistics will benefit from deployment of GST. But Reliance Jio may do more for modernization of Indian Logistics, especially trucking- this is how:

Crash in Vehicle Tracking and IoT costs 

  • Most truckers pay Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per month for a broken 2G quality network, that can barely send basic GPS data
  • With Jio- you can now send 1 to 2 GB data for same investment- means you can send images, video clips, document scans and unlimited GPS data!!
  • Throw in FREE voice and you have a revolution in Telematics adoption
  • Adoption will be very high with Smart Phones costing way less than dedicated GPS devices

From POD to VOD 

  • With high speed 4G connections- logistics company will send Video of Delivery along with paper scan
  • A driver stuck at factory gate in 1 Km queue will file a video every hour- and hopefully shame shipper to pay him demurrage. May be a clip of 100 drivers doing \"nitya-karma\" outside a factory sent to CEO on whatsapp? 
  • Dashboard cam, vehicle dashboard and rear camera can transmit proof over 4G- no download/ upload
  • This will improve accountability and fix blame of inevitable mess up on shipper or transporter easily- resulting in faster dues settlement
  • Insurance companies will rejoice and process video based claims faster and give discount in premium - I can smell a hot Fintech start-up here !!

 RTO- tera kya hoga?

  • One inadvertent fallout will be a number of Youtube videos of RTOs doing their \"work\" on highways
  • Savvy drivers and truck owners will simply stream the \"transactions\" live !!

The possibilities are IMMENSE- and most of above may be done deal today in developed countries. But who in India will pay Rs. 5000 a month for above? 

With Rs. 50 a GB- Rel Jio has given India 4G in a sachet !!