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From first-mile, line-haul, to last-mile, and all steps in between, manage dispersed movement of e-com logistics efficiently and easily in a tight schedule.

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E-Com Specialised Processes

Time-bound shipment lifecycle

From booking, to distribution, to last-mile delivery, to return, WebXpress Kart facilitates both the functionality and timeliness of every process.

  • All operations are mapped to pin-codes, automating order acceptance, matching pick-ups to relevant zones, and selecting ideal load for the job
  • Accepts data directly from the e-com customers’ ERP system in their format, thereby saving conversion effort
  • Host of integrations to help easy tracking, including 2-way SMS

Bagging and scanning operations

WebXpress Kart helps you maximise the efficiency of every trip and minimise occurrences of DEPS

  • Customisable measurements for bagging consignments
  • System process is fully based on barcode scanning
  • Dockets can be tracked individually or in groups, using seal numbers
  • Record DEPS as and when it happens, keeping order data accurate and tracible at all stages of the process

Pincode-based fulfilment contracts

Enforce serviceability by linking pick / delivery locations to every aspect of your operations.

  • Support for hub and spoke model
  • Automatic calculation of ODA charges
  • Serviceability defined by pincode-to-service mapping
  • Agent-to-pincode mapping for better pickup accuracy
  • Pincode-to-city mapping for delivery and enroute accuracy

Comprehensive billing and cash management

Handle billing with the speed and automation that WebXpress Kart brings to your operations.

  • Auto bill generation at regular intervals, based on contracts and GST
  • Easily integrate with and forward invoice details to 3rd party systems for further analysis and processing
  • Ability to perform international billing with country specific rates and taxes (SST)
  • Billing invoices can be customised to match your requirements

Customer-first tracking

Tracking has become essential to business, being demanded by your e-commerce customers and consignees alike. WebXpress Kart helps you meet their real-time visibility expectations.

  • Custom-branded tracking page linkable to e-com players’ website
  • API-based tracking button on your own website
  • Customer portal for bulk order upload and tracking
  • Can readily integrate and share real-time tracking statuses via API to e-com players and customers as well

Reverse And RTO Logistics

Making reverse as easy as forward

Reverse is a reality of e-com operations and not an exception. WebXpress Kart ensure its process is seamlessly integrated.

  • Link reverse to forward, to track the entire lifecycle as well as billing
  • Manage CDS (for COD shipments) via in-built Cash Manager
  • Provision to accept consignee selected preferred time of pick-up (or request for reschedule) in order to avoid reattempts
  • Perform partial pick-ups, to avoid complete reversal of orders

Full reverse and exchange management

Be as flexible as your consignees can be fickle.

Standard features, which can be configured to suit your specific needs:

  • Partial acceptance
  • Suspend / hold stock
  • Try n’ buy
  • RTO (by virtue of customer refusal or reattempt failure)
  • Return booking linkable to original forward movement

RTO control and delivery reattempt

  • In-depth processes for RTO with features such as Mark RTO (for in-transit) and Set RTO (after arrival), ensuring saving of cost / time
  • RTO can be validated before booked in the system
  • Validation also possible during OFD
  • Number of permitted reattempts can be defined (e.g. 3 or 5), after which dockets automatically are sent into detention
  • Facility to manage RTO rates as a set percentage of forward rates

API-Based Ecosystem

Connected with Flipkart and other e-com players

WebXpress Kart comes pre-configured to directly accept orders from most leading ecommerce companies, and can automatically act based on your specific contract with them.

  • Ready APIs for bulk receival of order data (scheduled or as-and-when)
  • Push APIs for syncing tracking / operational updates with customers’ ERP
  • Reduce dependency on backend by request / response-based reports
  • Mapping and re-push utilities to make customer interaction smoother and reduce response times

Can integrate with 3rd party last-mile manager

WebXpress Kart offers a robust last-mile system, with a mobile app to accompany. But if you are already working with another system, it can easily integrate and share order data via APIs.

Standard features, which can be configured to suit your specific needs

  • Integrated with major last-mile players such as Fareye and Shipsy
  • Order data is sent to the other system for completing the operations
  • Tracking data is regularly fetched, for syncing statuses and sharing updates with e-com customers / consignees
  • Core operations remains independent from the overall ecosystem

Call masking and other compliances

WebXpress Kart can enable call masking for your riders, from the get-go, making you one step further compliant with all leading ecommerce players.

  • Integrated with call specialists like Exotel. Handles complexities behind auto-masking calls, thereby upholding the privacy of consignees and last-mile executives
  • Process discipline, proper integrations, and low backend dependencies, together ensure adherence to Customer Promise Dates (CPD)
  • Consignee data encrypted as standard (required by most ecom players)

Automations And Mobility

Advanced hardware automation

Make your workflow seamless and operations efficient by integrating devices by plug-n’-play or API methods.

Major hardware supported include:

  • Warehouse sorter (notably GOR i.e. GreyOrange Sorter)
  • Docket scanner (HHT and mobile-based)
  • LBH and weight scanner

BikerBuddy, your guide during the last mile

From multi-point pick-up planning to multi-attempt deliveries, WebXpress Kart brings operations at your fingertips.

Standard features, which can be configured to suit your specific needs:

  • Fully-featured mobile app “BikerBuddy” for PRS and DRS management
  • Save time with auto-syncing when connected to a network
  • Uninterrupted work with offline-mode for times without net access
  • Turn-by-turn map for agents, sorted by pin-code, city, and zone

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