Converting Emissions into Profits

India and Climate Change

India is third largest emitter of GHGs and a fast growing one. But on a per capita basis- India is one of the lowest emitter of GHGs. This means, as India becomes richer and its aspirational young population consumes more- GHG emissions will shoot up. Already, India is on its way to become largest consumer of fossil fuels by 2040.

Given that rest of the world will invest hard to control GHGs and commit to aggressive reduction targets- India will stand out even more as biggest emitter in decades to come.

Thus, reduction of GHGs in India will become the difference between achieving climate goals or missing them by a distance.

While it is tough to balance growth vs. GHG reduction in many industries- construction, FMCG, steel, thermal power- Logistics presents a low hanging fruit to control emissions and at the same time economically attractive.

What is GreenXpress

GreenXpress is an initiative by WebXpress to leverage technology to help shippers and logistics companies accurately measure their GHG footprint and find opportunities to reduce and replace the same.

Transportation and Logistics is one of the key contributors to Green House Gases (GHGs). With action on climate change becoming urgent world-wide, trucking companies, 3PLs and their customers need to play their part to reduce impact of their activities.

But most manufacturing and retail companies do not have a detailed measurement of their emissions, especially in support activities such as logistics. Most logistics companies do not apportion their emissions by customer or by shipments.

GreenXpress helps companies gather data from their operations and their logistics partners’ operations in real time and calculate emissions for each shipment.


GreenXpress Framework

Target Audience

  • Transporters
  • Shippers (Manufacturer/ dealer/ distributor)
  • LSPs
  • *LSPs can give access to their vendors, Customers (To view their relevant data)
  • Suitable for any industry

How can user integrate with GreenXpress

  • WebXpress TMS
  • GreenXpress API
  • DMS
  • Excel upload
  • Single data calculator - manual entry
Data Flow

GreenXpress: Data Flow

Why Use?

Why Use GreenXpress

Transporters and shippers both profit immensely from reducing carbon footprint. But without tools such as GreenXpress they do not know how to attain emission goals and such profits.

It is responsibility of shippers to provide incentives to transporters to go green. Shippers can ask Transporters to adopt GreenXpress and provide data to measure their carbon footprint.

GreenXpress is available a Cloud based tool for quick deployment and has ready dashbaords for real time control on carbon emissions.

Trucking is necessary for modern life. Reducing emissions from trucking is possible. All it requires is tools to measure and will to use such tools.

Making Green profitable for stakeholders is the surest way of achieving Net Zero goals.