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Technology for sustainable supply chains

Any organization is nothing but a collective reflection of its team. WebXpress team of 80 plus professionals is a unique blend of Operations Management and Technology talent. In ever changing world of technology, WebXpress has core team members with 100+ years of combined experience. At the same time, we continuously invest in new talent and train them to become logistics professionals of tomorrow.

WebXpress has always been at the forefront of next generation of technology from Mobility to Business Intelligence to Cloud to Machine Learning.

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Our Products


A cloud-based transport and fleet system that brings together everything you need to scale your operations.

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Cloud-based and mobile-enabled Warehouse System system with integrated billing to make every pallet and square-foot more efficient.

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From first-mile, line-haul, to last-mile, and all steps in between, manage dispersed movement of e-com logistics efficiently and easily in a tight schedule.

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India is third largest emitter of GHGs and a fast growing one. But on a per capita basis- India is one of the lowest emitter of GHGs.

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Manage your supply chain partners with LogiCloud Trusted by leading 3PLs, manufacturers, and retailers in India.

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Control Tower

WebXpress control towers helps companies to be in control of their operations in real time.

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Why Businesses Choose WebXpress

We solve ground-level challenges

With years of practical experience working with 100+ customers and 20,000+ users, WebXpress has built its systems to solve the real-life challenges companies face.

  • Automatic SMS / email alerts when issues occur
  • Repository of exception handling tools to undo mistakes
  • Mobile apps and easy processes to make user workflows simple
  • Constant feedback from customers, continual roadmap for enhancements
  • Regularly integrating smart hardware devices to automate operations

We bring technology to the masses

The industry benefits from a technology only when a critical mass of people use it. WebXpress is enabling this by making the latest innovations accessible and economical.

  • Fully SaaS-based: State-of-the-art features at a pay-per-use basis
  • Machine learning for real-time business predictions
  • Advanced analytics for better decision making
  • Multi-provider GPS tracking for reliable visibility

We have a solution for every challenge

WebXpress has multiple products that run in tandem to give you end-to-end control of all stages in the supply chain.

We provide a complete digital ecosystem

No company can work in isolation today. WebXpress offers a vast set of 3rd party integrations going far beyond its core solutions.

You only need to interact with WebXpress, which handles complex workflows across multiple systems behind the scenes:

  • Automatic filing of GST (Part A & B) upon booking of dockets
  • One-click e-Insurance of shipments via leading insurers like HDFC-ERGO
  • Over 200 APIs integrated with leading systems from Tally to SAP
  • Connection-ready to your leading customers from Flipkart to Alkem Labs

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