September 29, 2022

WebXpress Transportation SaaS has inaugurated its R&D Center at Surat, Gujarat.

An an operating technology company- urgent takes priority over important. Thus, to focus on long term solutions, WebXpress has separated its R&D function into a separate unit- free of daily pressure to deliver modules.


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Marquee clients - Logistics Service Providers
Marquee clients - Manufacturing, Retail and E-Commerce
Why businesses choose us

We solve ground-level challenges

With years of practical experience working with 100+ customers and 20,000+ users, WebXpress has built its systems to solve the real-life challenges companies face.

  • • Automatic SMS / email alerts when issues occur
  • • Repository of exception handling tools to undo mistakes
  • • Mobile apps and easy processes to make user workflows simple
  • • Constant feedback from customers, continual roadmap for enhancements
  • • Regularly integrating smart hardware devices to automate operations

We bring technology to the masses

The industry benefits from a technology only when a critical mass of people use it. WebXpress is enabling this by making the latest innovations accessible and economical.

  • • Fully SaaS-based: State-of-the-art features at a pay-per-use basis
  • • Machine learning for real-time business predictions
  • • Advanced analytics for better decision making
  • • Multi-provider GPS tracking for reliable visibility

We have a solution for every challenge

WebXpress has multiple products that run in tandem to give you end-to-end control of all stages in the supply chain.

What gives us an edge

We provide a complete digital ecosystem

No company can work in isolation today. WebXpress offers a vast set of 3rd party integrations going far beyond its core solutions.

You only need to interact with WebXpress, which handles complex workflows across multiple systems behind the scenes:

  • • Automatic filing of GST (Part A & B) upon booking of dockets
  • • One-click e-Insurance of shipments via leading insurers like HDFC-ERGO
  • • Over 200 APIs integrated with leading systems from Tally to SAP
  • • Connection-ready to your leading customers from Flipkart to Alkem Labs

Intelligence is our biggest priority

WebXpress is fine-tuned to be (and make you) proactive. Every feature is built to help you take decision.

Stay on top of matters

Get auto-alerts and real-time predictions

Take action, if issues arise

Raise tickets and escalate matters

Review the outcome

See dashboards of business trends

How we serve a diverse clientele

WebXpress offers a comprehensive solution portfolio

Integrated Transport & Fleet System

  • - Delivery management
  • - Tracking & Proof of delivery
  • - Real-time Control Tower
  • - Billing for customers & vendors
  • - Freight auditing

Multi-client Warehouse System

  • - Decentralised location control
  • - System guided activities
  • - Stock audit
  • - Financial billing & auditing
  • - Android app for GRN, Pick/Put, etc.

Ecommerce Logistics System

  • - Drop-ship, Line haul, & Last mile
  • - Reverse & RTO (partial or full)
  • - Hyperlocal (same-day delivery)
  • - COD remittance to partners
  • - Web-services and API integrations