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Vast and Diverse Market

Ever Growing And Modernizing

It’s not just the economy; the supply chain industry is being transformed by new age entrepreneurs who wish to bring discipline and intelligence to their business.

There is a large market spread across India, especially in non-metro cities. And solutions like WebXpress are increasing in demand. You have the opportunity to be our local representative and grow with us.

Many Verticals, Many Opportunities

The supply chain industry is so diverse, there are different types of service providers even in the same region, offering you a stable and expanding market for years to come.

When you partner with us, you are assured a business model that is long-term and profitable. Your human and capital investments will yield a recurring return.


Strong Product, Great Pricing

Universally Trusted, By Big Names And Small

With 15+ years and over 100 customers, in India and abroad, WebXpress has a strong name recognition, giving partners a good head-start.

WebXpress is a veteran of the market. In fact, most new customers come through referrals and have a wide range of scale. Many have been around since multiple generations and others are just starting out. As our partner, you get to focus on solving customer challenges and not worry about brand building.

Fully Featured Products

WebXpress is an end-to-end business systems. Moreover, it has customized work-flows for almost every business type in logistics, making it easy for you to attract prospects.

But even more importantly, customers can decide whether to use WebXpress as a stand-alone system or as part of their larger IT infrastructure. No adjustments equals better sales.

Transaction Based Pricing

The best part about WebXpress is its cost. Customers who are starting off get enterprise level features for minimal investment and big players can scale to any volume their business demands.

You are not limited to the kind of customers to target. All partners get to choose their preferred scale and vertical. And there is a range of acceptable pricing available that is not linked to commissions.


Industry leading returns

Competitive Commissions

WebXpress has a flexible commission band, going up to 20% of the billing value,
giving partners the choice to focus on volume or value-based sales.

We believe in compensating our partners as best and as soon as possible. And since WebXpress is on a monthly payment model,
you continue to receive recurring payments for as long as the customer is billed.

Detailed Product And Industry Training

Your success as a partner directly benefits us as a company. Which is why we take the effort to provide in-person and remote AV training to every partner in order to make them experts in the field.

Apart from initial training, we also keep you informed on industry trends via newsletters, revision and new feature demos, and even personal interactions with the company’s top management.

Complete Stack Of Resources

We provide all the tools you need to make a successful pitch – guides, presentations, videos, cases, and more.

We set you up for success by providing a standardized marketing material kit, which is updated regularly. We even assist in special-case customizations for complex or large customers.

Personalized Support

From digital marketing to technical consultancy, our dedicated partner team will help you make an impact, before and during your interaction with prospective customers.

We have a hand-on approach towards all our partners. Our internal sales and marketing teams guide you through the typical ups and downs of sales cycles. On occasions, even our senior technical team is happy to be involved in customer cases.

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