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A cloud-based transport and fleet system that brings together everything you need to scale your operations.

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End-To-End Features

Challenges faced by transporters and how we solve them

A complete package

From contracts, booking, delivery, to billing and finance, WebXpress offers you everything in one place.

Whether you have a small scale operations or big, having a full range of process flows makes your business accountable. And they are not just standalone, every feature is interconnected. For e.g. operations get auto-posted to your balance sheet.

GST and E-way-bill enabled

You don’t need any third party system to be government compliant, we have already integrated with them.

WebXpress Velocity is one of India’s first ready to use GST and E-way-billing business systems. It has a direct connection with the government’s system and is automatically generates all documents during operations with no extra steps.

Easy configurations

From the fields in a C-note, to the number of steps in your business process, WebXpress can be personalised to meet your exact needs.

We understand while every industry has its common standards, each company works in its unique ways. WebXpress has a number of settings that can let you tweak almost anything without the need to customise your product.


All Business Models

WebXpress TMS is so versatile, it’s likely to support any vertical you serve

Parcel / LTL / Express
Air Cargo
FTL / Fleet owner
Container (EXIM)
Tanker Business
Cold Chain

Mix and match

Work in multiple verticals? No problem, WebXpress lets you manage all your business types at the same time within one system.

And the best part is, different roles and locations can handle each verticals separately or combined. Essentially, mirroring your actual organisational structure.

Our system comes with the benefit of on-ground experience

Our Customers are head quartered at 15 cities across India.
WebXpress is a truly international solution Made in India


The Latest Technology

See your business in new light with analytics built on

Regular Product Updates

Get a macro picture of your business as well as a prediction on likely operational results. Help’s you take quick decisions.

Workload planning

Get a detailed bifurcation of all pending operations, so you can plan your day-today activities with ease.

Financial control

From operational expenses to leakages, WebXpress let’s you know what might prevent you from maximising profit.

Connect to the world with ready APIs

The next generation of businesses (which is already here) rely on system-to-system communication than human-to-human. WebXpress is an expert in that respect.

Sync data from most major ERPs (such as SAP, OTM, Infor) directly into WebXpress. Push delivery updates to any third party system. Auto generate government document by connecting to GST and E-Way-billing systems. Many more connectors are inbuilt..

Secure yet scalable

WebXpress is built on Microsoft Azure cloud technology to handle your privacy in an ever expanding ecosystem

WebXpress has a dynamic architecture that lets you store as many documents as your business demands. Also, it can work with any size (big or small) and any type of operation (centralised or distributed). Together, it makes our system robust while still maintaining high degree of security.

Mobile first systems are the future of business operations

Delivery Management

All your delivery agents can install this easy to use app. It lets users manage their delivery sheet, get map directions, track progress, and mark deliveries as successful or otherwise.

POD Capture

Verify your deliveries with PODs/POAs. Capture photos and take the recipient’s signature, both with embedded location data. You can even secure all deliveries with customer OTP

Order Tracker

You can provide your customers with a custom branded docket tracking app. It gives live status updates, the ability to review delivery and product quality, and even request for returns.


Affordable Pricing

Pay per transaction with minimal upfront investment

WebXpress offers a host of benefits without the risks of a heavy costs that typical systems come with
Regular Product Updates
Vast Library of Resources
Personalised Support

Continuous innovation, all inclusive

WebXpress is managed by a team of qualified professionals and tech enthusiasts. This ensures a regular improvements that other vendors can’t match.

If there is a technology in the market, it is likely we have tried our hands on it. For e.g. image processing for automatic POD audits, and a load building tool, both helping you reduce you effort in manual work areas, freeing your time for decision making.

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