WebXpress WMS

Cloud-based and mobile-enabled Warehouse System system with integrated billing to make every pallet and square-foot more efficient.

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Best Features From Around The World

Full warehouse process flow, and much more

Gate-pass management, staging, inspection, inbound and outbound control, dispatch management, stock visibility WebXpress Acres handles every operational situation.

But it goes beyond the basics, you get many world-class features:

  • Barcode / QR-code management for instant data update
  • Cycle count
  • Auto stock replenishment
  • Stock transfer mechanism
  • Vendor / customer returns management
  • Multi-level warehouse billing

Optimum inventory with minimal clerical effort

WebXpress Acres provides system suggested put-away and pick-up routes, ensuring maximum utilisation of warehouse space and manpower, with minimum TAT required.

Conveniences in your day-to-day operations:

  • Wave picking with exact pallet locations
  • Customer-wise inventory bifurcation
  • Good / damaged status-based bin allocation

Every put-away and pick logic you may need

WebXpress Acres lets you choose the ideal logic for any type of SKU to help avoid obsolete or excess stock.

You can choose any movement of stock, separately for each customer:

  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO)
  • First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO)
  • First-Manufactured-First-Out (FMFO)
  • Batch / Lot-wise
  • Last-In-First-Out (LIFO)

Cycle Count and Document Auditing

WebXpress Acres enables data accuracy between physical and documented stock.

You can ensure seamless operational execution with:

  • Call back of historical inventory ledger
  • Stock readjustment with maker-checker authorisation
  • Handling discrepancies at multiple stages

Advanced contract management and invoicing

With the contract system and auto-amount-calculating GST invoice system, you can handle all your fixed and variable customer billing procedure with one click.

Multiple categories of contracts supported in WebXpress Acres:

  • Throughput
  • Occupancy
  • Storage-volume

Includes provisions for handling and value-added-services on the fly.

Fully customisable SKU management

The SKU system of WebXpress Acres gives you a versatile set of abilities

  • Fast-moving / Slow-moving and A-B-C Grading demarcation
  • Multi-unit measurement of SKUs, with automatic conversion
  • Kitting and in-warehouse assembly
  • Decimal-based SKUs (measure in weight / volume, not just quantity)

Also, SKU-specific inspection is available, with automatic data update.

Intelligent event-based alerts

WebXpress Acres comes with template manager for auto-email to help make you proactively take decisions.

Whether scheduled or event-based, there are many alerts to customise and triggered as required:

  • Daily alerts for inward-outward ledger, closing stock, and more
  • Stock discrepancy alert
  • Stock aging notification
  • Stock replenishment alert

Includes provisions for handling and value-added-services on the fly.


Best-in-class visibility

There are over 50 dashboards and reports that provide with real-time and accurate analytics about your business. They help you minimise leakages and get timely prediction on business demands. What’s more, these analysis

Work Summary

Get a snapshot of all processes within your warehouses.

Location Occupancy

Get an analysis of the capacity utilisation across your warehouses.

Inbound-Outbound Analysis

Get to a know the rate of flow of stock at your warehouses.


Multi-Company, Multi-Warehouse

Adapts to any layout and storage hierarchy

Your warehouse can be of any volume, from a hundreds of sq. ft to a couple hectors, and WebXpress Acres will adapt just fine.

Create a virtual map of your warehouses, covering aspects such as:

  • Racks (length, width, and pallets sizes)
  • Aisles (width and length)
  • Staging, rejected, and quarantine areas

The system can also define storage types, i.e. ground, rack, or cage.

Different management for each customer

With WebXpress Acres, you can manage multiple customers in one account or create multiple virtual companies for each. Staff gets relevant access; management can see everything.

Here are some unique features to help you serve many customers:

  • Dedicated locations reserved for different customers
  • Same SKU can be sorted differently for each customer
  • Can work as an MUF for different verticals within the same space

Manage multiple warehouses by location

You can add as many warehouses as your business supports. WebXpress Acres helps you manage each independently or even from a central location.


  • Decentralised management possible for each warehouse
  • Easy to transfer stock between warehouses
  • Analytics of stock availability among all warehouses for quickest order fulfillment

Hardware, EDI, & API Integrations

Reduced TAT, minimal paperwork, and accurate inventory via mobile apps (with HHT support)

WebXpress Acres is fully mobile enabled. Read barcodes via scanners / phone camera, create gate pass, manage Location Stock Transfer, perform quick put / pick updates, and conduct inventory inspections. All in all, go portable become efficient.

Supports major platforms:

  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

Support for warehouse hardware automation

From pick-to-light to conveyor-sorting, WebXpress Acres can work with several machines to minimise manual intervention.

The system can be integrated with common, such as:

  • RFID (for stock / location tracking)
  • Temperature controlled sensors (for instant notifications when there is an aviation from the prescribed temperature)

Note, the speed of integration with 3rd party systems depend on timelines and procedures provided by their respective management.

API and EDI integrations

From ASN, warehouse stock visibility, order request, to invoice data sync, WebXpress Acres can communicate with 3rd party systems to reduce your manual work.

Following integrations are possible:

  • SAP financial / operational synchronisation
  • WebXpress Acres to WebXpress Velocity
  • Custom 3rd party systems possible via standard APIs

GST-enabled billing and 3rd party integrations

WebXpress Acres enables operation-specific billing for all types of customer services, keeping in mind, slab-wise, flat, and a variable rate range.

Follows government protocols:

  • GST billing for you and your customers across the country
  • Centralised and decentralised billing capability
  • SAC-codes and HSN-code maintained for all services and products

What’s more, it can also communicate with 3rd parties:

  • Bill status import / export with other systems

Pay-Per-Use, Regularly Updated

Pay per transaction, all support included

Usability is not just about features but also affordability. Which is why, WebXpress Acres is priced to serve both small and large warehouses.

  • You only need to pay in usage slabs, no hidden surcharges
  • All hosting and maintenance costs is borne by the company
  • Unlimited ticketing for issues
  • Telephonic support

SaaS: Keenly focused and regularly maintained

As a universal system across customers, WebXpress Acres is managed by a team of IT professionals and warehousing experts who are dedicated to this solution.

  • Quarterly product enhancement goals
  • Incorporation of feedback collected from customers across verticals
  • Best of all, SaaS makes WebXpress Acres inherently scalable

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