Privacy Policy

WebXpress data storage, usage, and protection standards.

Updated August 1, 2019

ECFY Consulting Private Limited (ECPL) is committed to customer privacy above all. This segment covers the data policy of our websites and products for the WebXpress Suite, LogiCloud, PODxpress, and their related ancillary services.

For inquires, concerns, or feedback, kindly address the ECPL Legal team at

Marketing and Communication

Information we collect

We collect information only when critical to enhance your experience and improve the relevance of our services to you. Your information may be stored in our records from the following two sources:

  • Website chat interaction
    If you contact us through our chat tool, your contact information and interaction shall be stored for a limited time in that system. This data is only visible to an in-house team, who responds to your inquiries.
  • Signing up for our marketing and newsletter emailers
    We offer a regular newsletter emailer called XpressNews, which we compile from open-source news websites. Signing up for this newsletter also automatically signs you up for occasional adverts of our products and services. We record your name and email, and depending on your source of your registration (ex. our website landing pages), we may also record any phone and company information.
Data protection, usage, and distribution

Your data is maintained in industry-leading marketing tools and is used only for product information distribution. We pride ourselves on our products, which are our only source of income. Your details are not sold to or otherwise shared with any third-party organisation or personnel.

Opting out

Should you choose to no longer receive communication from us, we make it easy to opt-out. Click unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails or write to us at and we will remove your data from our records.

Customer Privacy

Protection standards and infrastructure

Our infrastructure is based on Microsoft's award-winning Azure Cloud technology. This lends us all the benefits of encryption and robust storage that comes as a part of it. To learn more about Microsoft's security standards and certifications, kindly visit their relevant microsite.

Retention and transmission of data

We are committed to safeguard the operational data of all our customers in turn protecting the data of your customers.

  • User and operational data
    All user contact information you add is stored only on our systems and is accessible to you or any relevant administrative employee in your organisation. We also provide access-rights driven mechanisms to protect any confidential operational data, ex. sales information.
  • Company and customer documents
    Documents include images and data files (ex. PDF receipts), uploaded into our systems through a connected web-portal or mobile application as a consequence of normal business operations. These documents are not accessible to us for any purpose.
  • Sharing of data
    Our products make it possible to share data and documents to people outside your organisation due to various reasons. It is the responsibility of the customer to entrust appropriate personnel with such access. This point is further elaborated in our terms of use.
Third-party access

As a rule, we do not permit any data generated by or recorded in our systems to be available to any third-party entity for any purpose. The only exception is in case the customer wishes to whitelist any systems(s) within their operational ecosystem. We provide standard APIs that enable limited and context specific information to be shared outside our product platforms.


Data collection for product enhancement

We may occasionally collect randomised usage trends of our products. This includes, but is not limited to, page loading-times, frequently used system functions, and network setup. This data is used exclusively to improve product performance. None of the customer, user, or location data is recorded for research, unless in the context of error resolution.

Customer feedback

Any feedback you give, in digital format or otherwise, shall be kept in our database and may contain your full contact information on file. This is important to ensure proper context and enable our product teams to initiate further conversation on the matter.