Has GST excited transport industry? Well....

February 20, 2023

Transporters are notoriously averse to change- be it investment in new trucks or technology or business process. This industry got its severest jolts of last 50 years in a span of just 8 months- Demonetization (see my article here) and GST !!

So how are they coping? Are they finally giving up their OLD ways?

Here are QUICK reactions in first TWO days post- GST:

  • General feeling is of RELIEF- after all GST is not as disruptive on ground level as Demonetization.
  • As most transporters are covered under GTA- they have no immediate need to connect to GSTN, worry about HSN, change IT too much.
  • They were happy to see a good June- thanks to GST sales they had better business in what is normally a lean month
  • With Octroi gone- big markets like Mumbai and Pune are now much more easy to handle. A Big Plus for GST

All in all- it is "Jaise The" for the industry- for now. Will it remain so?

Here are BIG threats to transporters in coming months:

  • GST is consumption point driven- thus Delivery TAT and Real Time Status matter ever more to shipper. LOT OF TECH
  • As customers consolidate warehouses- they need MORE distribution power- that is smarter, agile, visible fleet- MORE TECH
  • To benefit from Consolidation- Transporter has to become 3PL and provide end to end service. NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT TECH.
  • As E-way bill gets rolled out by 2018- data needs to be transferred to transporter in REAL TIME before they start journey- EVEN MORE TECH

A boring industry is now very very interestingly poised. Now, it is not a matter of WHETHER but WHEN will this industry adopts massive change and invests in TECH like their startup peers like Rivigo and Blackbuck.