IoT without IITians

February 20, 2023

IoT has been difficult to crack due to a simple problem- you need a bunch of brilliant IITians to make it work. You then need a bunch of even more brilliant IIM grads to make sense of all data and actionable intelligence. 

As ET shouts every day- both these breeds are rather rare and demand salaries higher than Himalayas !!

BUT do not despair- we are FINALLY moving to a world where mere mortals will be able to deploy some elaborate IoT solutions thanks to Cloud !!

IoT basically requires ability to read data from large number of varied devices, analyze data as it is generated, store it for analysis and present in a user friendly Dashboard, preferably on a Mobile device. A million dollar investment till now !!

No longer. Microsoft has launched something called IoT suite- ready to deploy solutions for business problems like Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. 


Effectively- the engineering is taken care of and is available on pay per use basis. All you need are business people who can act on the alerts and notifications and take action. 

Welcome news for all of us in Logistics- let us make best of it !!