Welcome, Batch of 2016

February 20, 2023

As in case of WebXpress, many companies these days recruit in real time and this means the Batch of 2016 has already started working.

Once you have \"20 years of experience\", it is easy to sermonize and give gyan. But I will try to resist that temptaion and stick to self-interest- afetr all we need RoI on our human resources !!

First- we need you as much as you needed this job

We are always short of good talent and reason you are with us is that we have found a match after a herculean search effort. So do not let anyone \"senior\" give you a feeling that you are a vase in a corner. In fact, odds are that the \"senior\" might just be on his way out !!

Second- contribute from day one

DO not wait for \"induction program\" to get over.  Treat us as one more unknown company and industry to learn- that\'s what they do to you for 2 years at b-school- and start contributing.

You can easily get into a mode of \"but no one told me what to do and I did not have a written role\". Or you can find out stressed people arond you and become their help- that itself will be a great contribution !!

Third- education just started

What you did till now was studies. What you now need is knowledge and specific knowledge. About industry, about our products, about competition, about customers....

And it is lying everywhere- on our web site, our brochures, our news letters, industry magazines gathering dust.

But the best resource are your colleagues and our customers. Yes- our customers will love if someone actually sat down and heard their sob story about our products and services !!


So before you become entwined into e-mails and meetings and targets, before you cultivate those inevitable likes and dislikes and before your ego is born- MAKE A DIFFERENCE.