And you thought transportation is just about moving things from A to B

Transportation is a highly complex business. There is infinite variability – from full-truck to single parcels being delivered in anything between trailers to bicycles via road, rail, air, and even water. WebXpress understands the nitty gritty of the day-to-day operations, commercial models, and cost imperatives of many such unique models. Find how we fit your choice of vertical:

10Unique verticals supported

30Specialised contracts and process customisations

General Warehouse

Key Features
  • FIFO and Expiry-based system generated pick, depending on SKU type
  • done Inspection process
  • done Gate-in Gate-out
  • done Real-time document monitoring
  • done Inventory monitoring
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Virtual Warehouse

Key Features
  • Operating multiple locations across 3rd party warehouses as a single unit
  • Entirely virtual (upload-based operations), no need for workforce or HHT scanning
  • Simple and fast transactions as compared to traditional processes
  • Unified multi-location stock reports for stakeholders
  • Auto-alerts for stakeholder visibility
  • Stock discrepancy management
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Cold Chain

Key Features
  • Pick determined by a combination of batch and product expiry
  • Monitor temperature inside and across warehouses via integrated IoT sensors
  • Centralized auto-alerts for any modulation in temperature across warehouses
  • Records unique temperature requirements for each SKU and suggests chamber-wise binning
  • Ability to enforce material receipt at ambience location before transferring to cold storage


Key Features
  • Same SKU can be received and stocked with multiple (lot-based) MRPs
  • Pick suggests and validated as per batch-FIFO
  • Barcode generator during inbound to identify product specifics like MRP and batches
  • End-to-end operations via barcode scanning for timely and accurate dispatches
  • Handles dynamic Unit of Measurement (UOM) scanning, as per packing density
  • Stringent MRP identification for stock-keeping and order dispatching
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Key Features
  • Award-wining reliability of API integrations that connect to Customs for real-time exchange of import/export documents
  • Operations proceed only after electronic confirmation from Customs
  • Maintains detailed register of EXIM documents for stock lifecycle
  • Bifurcation of locations within warehouse for general and special-case (dangerous) goods
  • Intelligent document checklist based on SKU-type EXIM requirements


Key Features
  • API integrations for customer invoices and shipping labels with partner channels (e.g. Amazon, Naptol, etc.)
  • Manifestation and consolidation of dispatches with respect to LSPs
  • Efficient wave picking via consolidated order pick-list
  • Bulk breaking of inbound material into sellable kits (BoM)
  • Repackaging of individual SKUs as one order and invoice labeling as per partner channels
  • Maintaining TAT required to achieve same-day order-to-dispatch service levels


Key Features
  • Serial-number-wise inward of material
  • Mapping of mother-child SKUs for logical grouping (e.g. AC indoor-outdoor units)
  • FIFO-based outward picking and dispatch
  • Scan and track Dual-SIM devices via multiple IMEI codes
  • ABC analysis of stock, to achieve optimal replenishment


Key Features
  • Determine the sellable/market value of goods by using batch and manufacturing date data
  • FMFO-based picking to avoid obsolescence
  • Physical multi-coloured patching of stock to identify age with a glance
  • System-suggested rotation of item stack for non-pallet-based storage items
  • Assistance in assemble from BoM to finished goods