WebXpress provides core solutions to manage your business. At the same time we recognize the need to integrate our solutions with other components necessary to improve value of your core investment. Also, we believe in an Ecosystem approach where experts from various fields gather to provide high quality solutions.

We have partnered with a wide range of solution providers [Read Partners] to offer Device Integration, B2B collaboration and IT infrastructure services.

We have also added a Business Intelligence layer on top of all our solutions so that you are always a dashboard away from controlling your organization.

WebXpress Solutions Stock :

WebXpress Transactions Suite
These are solutions for specific operations in your supply chain. Key solutions in our transaction suite are:

  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse & Order Management
  • Fleet Management

  • Each of the solutions can be implemented separately or as an integrated solution.

    All WebXpress solutions can be used by Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) as well as Logistics Services Users (LSUs).

    LSPs can manage their business and provide visibility to their customers. LSUs can deploy WebXpress to manage multiple LSPs and also help technology challenged LSPs to provide information critical to visibility of their supply chain.

    WebXpress Services Suite
    All transaction solutions are supported by a set of common services such as Finance and Accounts, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. This enables you to integrate all activities across your organization through one single suite of applications.

    Allied Services
    We appreciate that without adequate infrastructure support, the usage of WebXpress solutions may not be optimum. Thus we have partnered with leading infrastructure players
    in web-hosting and connectivity arena to offer a packaged solution.

    Also, we combine requirements of all our customers to achieve economy of scale as well as get better service levels from our partners.

    Device Integration
    Supply Chain Visibility requires real time information next to source of information. Thus, use of various devices becomes very important. The devices can be to capture data from a bar code label or track a vehicle using GPS or capture customer status on a mobile phone.

    WebXpress solutions can be integrated with these devices to multiply the power of on-line systems. We partner with expert solution providers for various types of devices and offer a ready solution for your needs.

    B2B Integration
    For a visible supply chain, it is important that systems of various stakeholders TALK to each other without any manual intervention. This can also improve velocity of business and reduce paperwork considerably.

    All WebXpress solutions are EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Ready. WebXpress can connect to any other business application using various global standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI X.12 , Rosettanet among others.

    Customer Self Services Portal
    Customers need information anywhere anytime. Also, customers are very open to the concept of "self service" where they can get all the information that they want without interacting with logistics service providers.

    Thus, WebXpress offers a Customer Information Portal where customers can get a range of information including track and trace. This will help customers to avoid phone calls and also ensure that all information is always available and need not be resent time and again. 

    Business Intelligence 
    WebXpress offers Business Intelligence using award wining BI tool – Qlikview ( Qlikview is an in-memory analytics tool that helps to analyze information generated by WebXpress in form of various dashboards, KPIs and charts. WebXpress has used Qlikview to come up with a range of ready to use Dashboards and analytics.

    BI from day one- when you opt for WebXpress, you can benefit from power of Qlikview from DAY ONE as compared to months taken by traditional BI implementation. We also offer customized BI solutions using Qlikview that can work on top of your other proprietary applications

    About Qlikview

    Qlikview is world’s fastest growing BI platform with over 8000 customers across 80 countries. Qlikview is recognized as Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI tools for 2008. No separate hardware investment as Qlikview compresses data to work in-memory

    WebXpress offers Qlikview with support from IRT Solutions (

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