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Issue #263

13 Apr - 17 Apr 2020


What Does A Coronavirus Pandemic Recovery Look Like For The Trucking Industry?

In the face of a slow economy and everything that goes with it, Kevin McMaster, Vice President of Carrier Sales and Operations at Flock Freight, expects shippers and carriers to bounce back from the coronavirus, just not immediately. Coronavirus is an unpredictable event that has changed life as we knew it. It has led to outcomes the likes of which we’ve never seen before in global freight markets, supply chains, and the United States trucking industry.

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Unprecedented congestion to hit exporters as importers fail to collect cargo

Global container supply chains could be facing an unprecedented congestion crisis, as isolated hotspots of boxes pile up at ports, and container freight stations expand and spread.

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Logistics startup Porter raises Rs 140 crore in Series D round from Lightstone Global Fund

According to the MCA filings reviewed by YourStory, Porter has raised Rs 139.7 crore in its Series D funding round. The filings reveal that 5,48,190 shares were allotted to the venture capital firm by Porter as a part of the deal. The price per share stood at Rs 2,540.21 with a nominal value of Rs 100.

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Logistics costs set to rise as freighters hike tariffs

Truckers and transporters are increasing prices by as much as 80% and freighter operators are adding surcharges for transportation of goods as they grapple with regulatory challenges, shortage of manpower and a huge slump in supply. This will increase logistics costs for companies and likely in products as well, industry executives said.

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